Corporate Profile

Trio Gold Corp. is an established Calgary-based junior mining company committed to the exploration, analysis, and evaluation of precious mineral properties on an international scale. With interests including gold, silver, and copper, Trio searches for world-class reserves and deposits with significant mining and market value.

Trio Gold became a public corporation in 1987, now trading on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol TGK. With redefined focus and vision, Trio continues the pursuit of high potential properties while continuously pushing the boundaries of growth and opportunity.


For over 25 years, the corporate compass has guided Trio’s character as well as its direction. Growth has been balanced with responsibility; opportunity has been tempered by accountability. Founded on the principles of commitment, competence, credibility, and integrity, Trio achieves progress with permanency. It’s an approach that has earned Trio a rock-solid reputation for respecting the rights, returns, and interests of shareholders and for conducting business at the highest standards of professionalism.


Trio’s greatest strength continues to be its people. From experienced geologists and geochemists to knowledgeable entrepreneurs and financial administrators, a core team of highly qualified people ensure the research and assessment of each property is accurate and precise.


Exploration is an uncharted adventure with unlimited possibilities. Trio maximizes this potential for investors by keeping its eye on the horizon, but its feet on the ground. Dedicated people and a solid sense of direction keep Trio on course for discovering and developing the world’s most promising metal and mineral prospects.


Suite 145, 251 Midpark Blvd. S.E.   Calgary, Alberta T2X-1S3
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