Isadore Mic-Mac Area – McNeil Project


The Isadore Mic-Mac Area is Matachewan, Kirkland Lake style mineralization. The target is 2km long by 1km wide and is found in the south central portion of the McNeil Property with three high-grade shafts from the 1930’s and numerous historic as well as new gold showings.

Historical gold showings include:

  • Isadore Shaft
  • Mic-Mac Showing
  • Forgan Showing
  • 8ft Shaft
  • Rogers Showing
  • South Carbonate
  • South Showing
  • Line 24 Prospect
Since 2006 there has been found numerous new gold showings through stripping, power washing, prospecting and mapping. The new showings include but are not limited to:
  • Lightening Zone
  • Road Showing
  • TC Showing
  • Cabin Showing
  • Cat Showing
  • North and South Variolite Showings
  • NQV Showing

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Some examples of the various showings include:
Isadore Shaft (Reported depth of 65ft): In 1946 assays over 28ft were reported from channel sampling to be .045oz/ton (1.3g/ton). Channel sampling in 2006 returned 2m of 2g/ton. * Ontario Dept of Mines 1947 Report
8ft Shaft: Was reported to a depth of 125ft. Assays from the sinking of the two compartment shaft were reported , from 0 to 35 feet down in the shaft .34oz/ton and from 35 to 95 feet down .140z/ton. No assays were reported from 95ft to 125ft. * Ontario Dept of Mines 1947 Report
Mic-Mac Showing: Consisted of high-grade pits that were visited by L. Jensen in 2002 (OGS Report File 5931) who collected Gold samples of 17.6g/ton, 26.7g/ton and 3.2g/ton.
Lightening Showing: The most notable new discovery made in 2006 is a large Quartz Carbonate Alteration that was stripped for 55 meters in length and 22 meters in width. Channel sampling was performed along the surface of the showing at 5-meter separations with 1.5 meter sample lengths. Assays ranged from a few PPB’s to 2.2g/ton with many showing over 1g/ton. The showing can be traced for over 350 meters and is open at length. The historical Line 24 Prospect high-grade pits are found within the “Lighten Showing”.(43-101 report by Geo-Vector Management dated 11/23/09).
Multiple auriferous syenite zones can be traced trending east-west through the Isadore Mic-Mac Area, west of the Montreal River Fault, mapped in the 1980’s, with individual zones to be over 1km in length at surface with widths of 1.5 meters to 15 meters trending 30 degrees to 90 degrees.
Exploration Work to Date
Since 2006 there has been performed Geophysics, Geochemistry, Power Stripping, Drilling, Prospecting and Mapping throughout the Area. From these efforts we have been able to identify the Isadore Mic-Mac Area as a significant source of Gold Mineralization leading to the hypothesis that this represents a “Super Pit” style Gold Zone. With close proximity to mills as well as high grade road access it is amiable for immediate development and extraction.