The Kirkham anomaly was identified in 2003 by Rod Kirkham a 30 year mining industry veteran and retiree of the GSC while on contract to the company, to perform a preliminary field evaluation.

He identified the anomaly as a potential source of the gold enriched syenite units identified within the Isadore MicMac Area. The linear nature of these syenite structures shows a common vectoring point which is an elongated magnetic low with coincidental conductors. Syenites as we know are mostly silica enriched and therefore often appear as non-magnetic, mag lows. Sulphides often appear as conductors and are highly associated with the gold concentrations in the area. Within the Kirkham anomaly both of these geophysical features within the anomaly.

A detailed review of all the technical data from this area will be undertaken to determine our next course of action.

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